Fish Toy Plush


The moving fish cat toy built-in touch sensor and comes with a common USB port, kitten toys will flopping or moving automatically and make a sound, this action can attract your cat to play and engage with it. Enough to entertain your cat and relieve stress when you leave him or her home alone. ❤❤ Tip: If your cat is afraid of the sound, you could try to turn off the switch and sprinkle the free catnip on the surface of the fish to your cat self play or chew it.
Our wagging fish cat toy can be charged by USB, the USB cable is included in the package, which can avoid trouble and save the cost of replacing the battery, and the detachable motor helps to make cleaning easier!
Interactive cat toy made of tear-resistant short plush with stuffed pp cotton and organically-grown catnip inside. The texture is soft, comfortable, and safe, and no chemicals or hazardous substances inside. Catnip fragrance will cause a burst of energetic activity in most cats and exercise.
Using a 3D printing process, clear and realistic fish shape design, while the natural moving of the fish will stimulate your cat's hunting instincts and chew it. Make a lot of fun between you and your cat and improve your cat's overall wellness & happiness.
A flopping fish cat toy is a great gift for your cat. ❤❤If not suitable for your pet or has any quality issues. please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to solve it.

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